Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rav 11 months

This little man turned 11 months on February 16th. He is such an amazing little mama's boy. He is never to far away from me. He has won my heart in more ways then one! We sure love our Ravaroo!
Here are some Rav Facts:
~A great walker! He mastered walking quick! and is pretty fast!
~He is a great eater!There are very few foods that he wont eat. He out eats Lexi for sure.
~LOVES water. We are working on him drinking milk and he isn't having it.
~Says mama, dada, hi dad
~Loves anything with wheels. He makes the best car sounds and pushes them everywhere.
~is a toilet monster. I swear he can sense when the lid is up and is in there splashing
~still doesn't watch much TV.
~LOVES Lexi and hates if she is sleeping and will do anything to wake her up.
~is turning into the best napper! His whole life his naps have always been 45 minutes to 1 hour tops. He is now take 2 two hour naps!
~Still a rotten sleeper and gets up twice! UGH
~babbles all day long and has a high pitch scream that Im sure he learned from Lexi.
~growls like a monster and has earned the nick name Ravamonster
~he is super shy! He talks to people that the minute they talk back to him he hides his head in me.
He is seriously the best little guy. He has a the most contagious smile with the most incredible blue eyes. He is finally starting to get a little blonde hair on his head! I love my little Rav!

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