Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Live Nativity

Diana was down this last weekend babysitting Josh and Sher's kids. We decided one night to attend the Live Nativity at Tuachan. It was so amazing. They did the Christmas story and even had live animals, including 3 camels. Lexi kept saying WOW the whole time. We then walked around looked at the lights and danced to the music.We finished with hot chocolate at our house. It was a good way to get into the true Christmas season.

Lexi had a blast all weekend with Gramma Dina and her cousins. She played and played! We sure love when we get to spend time with Diana!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Crazy Christmas Girl!

My Mom bought Lexi a new Christmas dress this year. These pictures are our attempt at taking a picture of her in it. We tried standing in front of the tree but every time she'd smile and run to look at the picture before it even took. So we sat on the couch. Lexi is so funny right now. She loves to have her picture taken. Now she smiles so big that her eyes close and she yells cheese. So most of our pictures turned out pretty funny but still cute! We sure love our cheesy Christmas girl!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Baby Brother Update...

I haven't posted much about this pregnancy and since this is our family scrapbook I figured I better give a little update on how are baby boy is doing. He is doing! We are almost down to double digits (104 days left)! Crazy how fast this pregnancy is going. When people ask me when I am due, I always say I have forever but I am just less then 3 weeks shy of my third trimester (gulp). We haven't done much (or anything) in the way of getting ready for him. We figured after the holidays we will get in gear of getting both his and Lexi's new rooms ready. This has been such a different pregnancy then Lexi's. I have definitely enjoyed it more.

Lexi has gotten really clingy with me lately. I don't know if she can sense that her life is about to be invaded with a new little someone. When you ask her where Mom's baby is or where is baby brother she will point to my belly or try to look down my shirt. She still gives my belly kisses. We are practicing teaching her to say brother and his name. She has mastered the name but brother is still a work in progress.

Here are a few random facts about our little guy:
   ~His heart beat is always around 140 beats per minute
   ~He is still sitting head up currently (hope he turns in the next couple of weeks) and really low.
   ~He is relatively still but then moves and kicks wildly for an hour at a time. He seems to be really awake at 11 pm and 3 am (hope that's not a peek into our future nights). He still does big turns that sometimes hurt. You can see his kicks from the outside as my whole belly jumps with each punch.
   ~I've craved less sweets with him and more salt and spicy.
   ~I have had way more back pain with him.
   ~Worse heartburn ever!!

We are so excited and nervous for him to get here. I know our world will change so much with two. I sometimes wonder if I can love him as much as I love Lexi. But I know the moment he is in my arms that will change. I already do have so much love for him. It still seems surreal that we will be having a little boy! I have some fears with having a boy. I have no idea what to do with a boy! Hope we learn quick!!

One thing is for sure, we are sure excited to become a family of 4!

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Month of November

We had crazy month and I can't believe November is over. We started it off with a trip up north to visit my family and watch my niece Jadi dance at a Christmas show. It was a fun trip and I forgot to take pictures. Unfortunately the down side of the trip was Lexi got hand, foot, and mouth while we were there.We got back Sunday and by Tuesday Lexi's whole mouth was covered in red sores that turned into blisters. The poor girl was covered and miserable. Her hands and feet were so sore she could barely walk and would just hold her hands as if she had wet finger nails. It was a LONG week and half with not much sleep for anyone. It was awful. She even had them in her mouth, so we spent most of the time watching Tangled (multiple times a day) and eating Popsicles and ice cream sandwiches.

 Here is her mouth Tuesday, this is nothing compared how bad it got.
 She was so miserable and couldn't get comfortable, so sleep happened in naps.
 This is her mouth before it blistered. She wouldn't let me take a picture when it got bad.
 Her she is enjoying an ice cream sandwich. She'd only smile when she was eating something cold.
 We made our own fun while we were staying indoors. This is towards the end of the week. she was finally starting to act better but still couldn't touch much with her hands.
 Luckily for us she was all better by Thanksgiving!! This is the first year in our marriage that I haven't had to work on Thanksgiving, so this was our first Thanksgiving up in Tremonton. We had a blast with Josh and Sher and their kids (we sure missed Jeff and Trish). Lexi and Raegan became inseparable. Lexi would hop out of bed each morning and run to the door and yell Raeggy! We had a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner and company. Sher and I even dragged Tip, Josh, and Scotty to do some black Friday shopping, which Josh swears he will never do again!

We enjoyed shopping, a movies, screwy lewy, and lots of laughs. Once again I never take enough pictures since I'm still camera less (hoping Santa has a new one for me in his bag). Here are some taken from my phone.
We can't go to Tremonton without Lexi going on a four-wheeler ride. So we bundled her up to go!

The kids played the dance game on the Wii and Lexi and Raegan loved dancing with them!

Lexi and Raegan enjoying a tea party that Grandma Dina prepared for them.
Lexi loved it!

Halle and Lexi snuggling.

Now our tree is up and our stockings are hung and we are ready for Christmas!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick-or-Treat Video

Halloween 2011

Halloween was SO much fun this year! It started out with pumpkins! We have had our pumpkins for a while and Lexi loves them! She would drag them everywhere. She would even try to get Tip's 20 lb pumpkin off the ground but as in her words "it stuck." We carved pumpkins the Saturday before Halloween and Lex thought it was so awesome. She kept licking the lids, yuck! I never got a picture of Tips, opps.

I worked on Halloween, so I hurried home to get Lexi ready. She was absolutely the cutest lady bug ever. She loved her costume and never once tried taking her hat off. Our plan was to only got trick-or-treating to a few houses. We didn't think Lex would care or understand it, boy were we wrong!! SHE LOVED IT!! After the first 2 houses she realized if she knocked they would put candy in her bucket, so she literally ran from house to house. She would go right up to the door and tap with her hand and say knock knock, then just wait. The minute they opened the door she would stick out her hand and say please. When she had her candy she would wave bye and off to the next. We ended up going for an hour, and she could have gone much longer but we were done. It was so much fun to watch. She was not scared one bit! We laughed at how much she loved it and we had to keep up with her. Our friends Ashley and Callaway came with us. The girls looked so little at the doors. It was way fun! We got some hilarious video!  Lexi is getting so much fun! We loved our Halloween and are looking forward to next!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

We are having a baby BOY!!!

We found out today that our new little addition is a baby boy!! We couldn't be more thrilled!! When they started the ultrasound this morning she started at his head and scanned down. He was laying spread eagle with his arms and legs both straight out. It was very obvious right away that we were having a baby boy! Tip was so excited. Although, he hasn't said it I knew he really wanted a boy! I've been dreaming about a baby boy and since this pregnancy has had such different symptoms I was feeling that it was a boy but wasn't positive. We couldn't be happier! Everything is measuring perfect with him. He looks prefect!! He didn't like being poked at because by the end of the ultrasound he had curled into a little ball at the bottom of my uterus. We all laughed at how much room he had but he was snug right in a tight ball holding onto his legs.

It still amazes me how much I love this little guy so much! I don't have a clue what to do with little boys but I am sure I will learn quick! I know Lexi will be a great big sister! She already loves babies so much! She kisses my belly and says baby. When we listened to his heart beat she said WOW!  I don't know what I am going to do with 2 kids but I can't wait!!
Here are his cute little feet, and toes!
 Still can't believe we are having a boy!!

His little profile!
His manhood :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pumpkin Patch and Farm

We went with our friends the Griffiths and the Broadhead's to the pumpkin patch and farm. We had an absolute blast despite the wind and cold. Lexi loved it!! They had a petting zoo where you could go in with the sheep, goats, lambs, mini horse and pigs. Lex has loves animals lately but never has really seen any. I thought she would be a little nervous, instead she loved it! She chased them, and petted every animal. She was in heaven! She went down the slide, played in the corn, and crawled through tunnels. We went on a little wagon ride and she waved and said hi to the cows with huge grin on her face the whole time. We got a ride out the the patch and picked a 20 lbs pumpkin and a little one for Lexi which she kept calling a ball. We then went out to dinner and had a fabulous time. I didn't get one picture of all the adults and we attempted at getting one of all 4 girls. It was a fun night with friends!