Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sitting Pretty

Lexi has always loved sitting up and looking around.
This week she mastered sitting by herself!
She looks so big sitting there playing with her books and toys.
Its so fun watching her learn and grow!

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Gingerbread Houses...

We had our annual Parduhn Family Gingerbread House Competition. We made a great log cabin themed house. Ours should of won, but according to the judges (Grams and Gramp Woodruff) Jake and Wendy and their kids took the prize.

Our little Family!

The Whole Crew!

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Christmas Pictures...

We had a great Thanksgiving up north with my family. While we were there we decided to take pictures of all 8 grandkids in their Christmas clothes. It was hard to get a good picture of 8 kids but we had fun trying!
Lexi just wanted to eat the red material we had her sitting on.
Most of her pictures have stuff in her mouth!

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

just a few CUTE pictures!

Lexi and Tip love to take naps together!

Lexi's puts absolutely everything she can get her hands on right into her mouth. We now have to be careful with what we have in her arms reach. I got a glass of water dumped on my lap at a restaurant the other day. Her new favorite thing to put in her mouth is her feet. She LOVES to suck on her big toe. It makes it a little difficult to change her diapers!

Lexi is the cutest piece of laundry that I've ever had in my laundry basket!
She gets more fun every day!
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Crazy Weekend

My family came down for Jami to run the Snow Canyon Half Marathon. The weekend started out way fun and ended kinda crazy. The weather was great. We went to the park and out to dinner. Jami did great on her run in the morning. Then my dad and I spent the rest of the day and night with Jami in the hospital. She ended up getting her gallbladder out. Even with all the craziness its always enjoyable to have family here.
I didn't take enough pictures but I did snap a few.

Ryder loves the babies! He talks to them in a high voice. I can't wait to watch these 3 play together! Jadi and McCord took turns all weekend holding and kissing both Madden and Lexi.

Here is another snap shot of Lexi and Madden.

Lexi still is so fasinated with Madden and he still could care less about her!!

Here is Jami after surgery. She is pretty dang funny on drugs!!

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

1st Rice Cereal Experience!

Lexi had rice cereal for the first time!

Here is the set up...

The first bite...

Give me more!

It was a HUGE hit!! She LOVED it!!
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

This is the best picture we got with the cousins and I love it!!
All of their personalities show in this picture!
We are so lucky to have such cute cousins that live so close to us!!
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Cutest Little Butterfly!

We loved dressing her up for her first Halloween.

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My Mom was down with her quilt friends, so we tried on Lexi's costume just to show her.
She also brought Lex a cute little Halloween shirt!
Thanks Mom!

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