Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Warm Days Outside

We have been spending as much time outside as we can! We sure love this time of year in St. George. We have been spending lots of time at the park. Both of the kids love the park and we have loved going. We also have spend quite a bit of time in Jami's sandbox. Both of my kids love the sandbox! Pretty sure Rave just eats more sand then he plays with! We sure love the spring weather!

 One day at the park Lex put rocks in her pocket. She was trying to get them out by herself. She ended up laying on the grass rolling around to get the rocks out. We were laughing so hard! She is such a funny girl!

Mini Golfing

Since Tip has been golfing a lot Lexi always ask if she can go with him. The first Saturday in February was pretty warm so we decided to go mini golfing. The kids LOVED it! Lexi thought it was so cool that she got to use her own club that Tip gave her for Christmas. Rav just enjoyed sitting in the stroller and watching. Lex  was so funny to watch. She would hit the ball then take it and set it right next to the hole and hit it in. She didn't want anyone to help her because she wanted to do it by herself! After golfing we decided to go for a walk along the river because we wanted to enjoy the great weather! We all loved being outside! It was such a great family day!


I hate that this picture is blurry but its the picture I took when Rav started walking. We have lots of video but not as many pictures. He was 10 1/2 months when he started taking consistent steps. It didn't take him long to master it! He loves being able to walk! He is such a big boy! We love him!

Christmas Day

The rest of Christmas day was spent going for a walk to see Elkie the Elk and playing games. Rave loved Scotty and wanted to be his best friend! When Josh and Sher came up the next day the boys opened their brothers and superhero frames and shirts. We had a great time with the Harris family!
(this pictures are out of order)