Sunday, August 3, 2014

Link Gary Harris

I know I haven't posted in forever but I couldn't not post my new little guys birth story. We were planning on being induced on Sunday July 20th. Diana came to stay at our house so we wouldn't have to wake the kids up when they called. I took a benedryl hoping to get my last night of good sleep.  Instead I was up all night contracting. Finally at 4 in the morning I got up and got in the tub. The hospital called me at 5:15 and told me to be there at 630. We got ready and headed in. We got there they got me settled in my room and and started my IV. They checked me and I was still a 4 but at 0 station. They monitored the baby for a half hour before they would start the pit. They started the pit at around 730. It didn't take long before I was very uncomfortable. My doctor came at 845 and broke my water. I got my epidural at 915. It was heaven. I finally started to relax and slept for an hour or so.   At 10 the checked me and I was 5. At around a 1130 my chin started chattering. I told the nurse the last time I started chatting is when I was almost dilated . She left and then came back and said I better check you. Sure enough I was a 7. She started prepping the room and I called my mom, Jami and Brielle to come. I continued to chatter and it got worse. She checked me again I was 9 she called my doc and then by 1215 I was a ten and he was crowning. My doc walked in and with three contractions    Link was here! He was beautiful and I fell in love instantly. He weighed 8 lbs 7 oz and was 20.5 inches long. He had a perfectly round head with a little blond fuzz on it. He looked exactly like Rav.  It was such a great labor and delivery and went so fast! Diana brought the kids in and Lexi was instantly in love and Rav could of cared less.

Link has been such a blessing. He is the answer to so many prayers. He has such a sweet spirit about him. He  has been the best baby. He nurses well, sleeps pretty good and poops like a champ! I am so grateful that Heavenly Father sent me this see little boy. He knew exactly what I needed. I'm so in love.

I'll post pictures when I get them from Brielle!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Splash Pad Fun

My kids love splash pads! Rav loves to put his whole face in and get wet! Lex is finally getting brave and actually going in the water and not just staying on the outskirts. We loved going with friends to hang out and try to escape the heat!

San Diego Zoo

We LOVED the San Diego Zoo! It was the best part of our trip for sure! The kids loved seeing all the animals! The zoo is huge and we didn't miss anything! Lex was so excited at every animal! Rav pretty much sat in the stroller all day and enjoyed the view. He did get out and walk for a little while and he thought that was pretty cool! We walked to the top of the park and ate a picnic lunch. Lex then told us she was going to take a nap for a few minutes and fell right asleep. She can sleep anywhere! We were at the zoo all day! Lex didn't want to leave! Luckily we got Rav to nap too! The kids were so good the entire day! We let the kids buy another prize and Lexi picked a hippo and Rav got an orangutan. It was so much fun! We loved it and will go back again for sure!

 After the zoo we ate dinner at this amazing BBQ place! It was so good! Rav even ate an entire onion ring! He loved it!!

We had a great trip! It was so fun to just be with our little family! Our kids had a blast and were so good the entire trip! We can't wait to take another family vacation!