Thursday, October 28, 2010

4 Months Old!!

I can't believe Lexi is 4 months old!!

Crazy how time flys!! We sure love this girl!!
Weight- 13 lbs 8 oz (55%)
Height- 24.5 inches (59%)

Here are a few things she's been up too
  • She laughs all the time!! (Tip can make her laugh the hardest)
  • Everything she can get her hands on goes straight to her mouth.
  • She is constantly chewing on her fingers.
  • She growls all the time. (it sounds like a little, cute, happy monster!)
  • She only likes to sit straight up, not leaning back at all.
  • She can sit on her own for a few minutes or supported by the boppy.
  • She gives really sloppy kisses.
  • LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Sleeps 8-10 hours at night.
  • Sleeps in almost everyday, rarely gets up before 8:30-9!
  • Babbles all day long, loves to squeal in delight!
  • Loves her cozy and her kitty.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lexi's pumpkin!

I LOVE this girl!! She is so happy!

Grandma Dina painted a pumpkin to look like Lexi....

can you see the resemblance???

Lexi wasn't so sure about it...

Pumpkin Carving....

Diana stayed the rest of the weekend taking care of Josh and Sher's kids while they were at a funeral. So on Sunday, Tip, Lexi, and I went over and carved and painted pumpkins with the kids. I think Tip and I had more fun carving then the kids!

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Deer Hunt

My Parents were in town for a few days. Lexi enjoyed watching TV and hanging out with them. I enjoyed spending the day with my Mom going to the What Women Want Expo. I miss them and love when I get to spend time with them!!

Tips parents were also in town for the deer hunt. We went up to the ranch in Pine Valley. We spent the time hanging out at the Ranch house, while Josh "the billy goat" dragged Tip around the mountain. Tip didn't see one animal, not even a squirrel, but Josh had more luck!

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Monday, October 11, 2010

New Toy...

Lexi has discovered she has feet.
She stares at them with intense curiosity.
She sits and holds onto them tight.
Trying to figure out just what do they do.
I love watching her discover her world!

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cute picture...

Jadi loves Lexi. She was always asking to hold her.
I know one day Lexi will worship her!
(sorry Jadi's eyes are closed)
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Up North Visit...

We headed up north for Madden's baby blessing and my Mom's birthday. Because of the crazy wild weather in St. George last week, Tip was unable to go with us. So Lexi and I headed up. It is always fun to see family but also great to come home. Lexi was so excited when we got home to see Tip. She just kept staring at him and smiling.
Tricia was also in Utah, so we got to spend a little time with her.
It was so great to see her, we miss her so much!

Here are the latest Madden and Lexi pictures.

She was so fascinated with him and he could care less about her.

Lexi looks bigger, although Madd weighs more.

(her round head is deceiving.)

Its been so fun to have kids the same age.

Linzy and I often call each other for advice, or just to chat.

I can't wait to watch these to grow up together!

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Mickey Mouse Club House..

Don't judge...I let my baby watch TV.
She enjoys it....
I enjoy it....(gives me 15 minutes or so)
Mickey Mouse Club House is the show of choice...
It has bright colors and they sing songs...
Plus she looks cute sitting there watching!

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cool Girl...

Now that is one COOL baby!
(this one is for you Tricia!)