Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lexi's Dance Recital

This last year Lexi took a Too Much Fun dance class. She absolutely loved it! She would ask every day if she had dance class. At the end of the year they did a recital in class for the parents to come and watch. She was so excited! She did the class with her best friend Maggie. It was so fun to watch the girls improve over the year. I was so proud of her! I can't believe my baby girl is getting so big! At the end of show the sang a song "I have a date" to the dads and the dads gave them flowers. Lex had been practicing the song for weeks and sang so loud that you can hear her very clearly on the video. After the dancers served us cookies. It was so cute and so fun! I can't wait to watch her grow!

My Birthday

I had a great birthday this year. My family made it fabulous! Lexi gave me my most favorite present. She brought me in her aquadoodle that she had taken a permanent marker to and said "Mom I made this present just for you. Now you can show your friends." I loved it! I couldn't even care that she ruined the aquadoodle  because she did it all by herself and was so thoughtful about it. I sure love this little girl. She has such a kind heart!
We also went to dinner and out for ice cream! The kids thought that was fabulous! Kids make holidays so much better!!

Parduhn Easter Egg Hunt

My parents had an Easter Egg hunt for the cousins a week after Easter. They kids had a blast! My parents gave them each and Easter basket too! Rav slept thru the egg hunt but Lex loved finding eggs and prizes! We always have a blast when we all get together!