Saturday, January 12, 2013

Madden came to stay

We watched madden for several day while Linzy and karson were in Vegas. He and Lexi had a blast. I was a little worried about them sleeping in the same bed but they did great. We had a lot of fun. They really enjoyed going and seeing the singing trees, which were Christmas lights on a house that sung. We went two nights in a row. We can't wait to have him stay again!

**the picture of Rav with a wet face is from when I found madden squirting him in the face with the squirt bottle. Rav thought it was pretty funny.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Seeing the lights

Lexi loves Christmas lights and loves to point them out everywhere we go. We thought it would be fun to go see the city and temple lights! She loved it and ran the entire time! We even rode the carousel. We ended the night with a trip for ice cream! Rav enjoyed being bundled and sitting in the stroller! I'm so grateful for my little family!

Little mommy Lexi

One night lex put her baby in Rav's high chair and was using the rest of his baby food to fed her baby. She said "chug chug choo choo" with every bite. Then asked for a napkin cause her baby was so messy. I sure love her and her imagination. It's fun to watch her do with her babies the same I do with Rav.

Gingerbread house

We usually have a gingerbread house contest with my family but we couldn't make it work this year so we did our own. Lex thought it was pretty awesome she got to put candy and frosting on the house. She kept saying this is my house and I did it all by myself. It was a special house that looked like it was decorated by a 2 year old. She was so proud! She enjoyed picking the candy off the whole month too!

Decorating the tree

Lexi loved loved decorating the Christmas tree. She thought it was so fabulous! She actually did a really good job. Her favorite part was putting the star on top! She had a little tree in her room and thoughts she was so lucky! I love this time of year!!

Rav 9 months December 16, 2012

Rav is getting so big and fun!! I love this age. He is really getting fun. He is starting to really play. He is such a happy guy!

9 months stats:
Weight: 18.5 lbs (?%)
Length: 29.5 inches (?%)

(Lost my paper with the % on it)

Here are some Rav facts:
-loves to hit toys against anything to make a noise
-pulls himself up to everything
-starting to eat table food and loves everything!
-so ticklish
-says mama and dada
-loves to roam the house and and can be found often in the bathroom by the toilet 😝
-sits by my feet or follows me everywhere
-plays with toys
-after 3 months of just pumping I finally lost my milk. We started formula. He hated it at first and we had to try several different kinda before we found one he likes. Made me sad but he has still done well.
-still wakes up 2x at night
-loves his sippy cup. Loves water!
-is OBSESSED with his cozy! He can't sleep without it and its his favorite toy!
-loves his binky
-doesn't sit still long enough to watch TV.
-takes 2 naps a day.
-wears 12-18 months clothes

He is pretty chill but can be such a stinker too. He always gives Tip a hard time the first day I go back to work. He is such a mamas boy. He is turning out to be quite shy but will smile at anyone if he is safe in my arms. I sure love love my little buddy. I can't believe how big he is getting!

Rav 8 months November 16, 2012

Our computer is full of pictures so I can't upload Rav's 8 month pictures but I don't wanna forget this so I'm going to do this post anyways

The month from 7 to 8 months was a HUGE month for Ravaroo! He learned to sit up which made him such a happier guy the. About a week later he Learned to crawl! He was rocking back and forth for about a week and then one morning just crawled over to me while I was pumping. And he hasn't quit moving since! It made him such a happy little guy! He has turned into my shadow. He is never far behind me.
Here are some Rav facts at 8 months:
-says mama and dada
-loves Lexi
-super ticklish
-still wakes up 3 times at night
-still getting only breast milk but from a bottle
-eats baby food 3x a day. Loves all baby food!
-starting to play with toys especially lexi's

He is turning into such a happy guy! He is a total mamas boy! Some days it drives me crazy but most days I love it! He follows me around yelling mama mama.

He has stole my heart!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Halloween October 31 2012

We had a great Halloween! Lexi loved it! She couldn't wait and asked everyone she met what they were going to be for Halloween. She even assigned us all costumes. She wanted me to be a pumpkin, tip to be a dragon, Rav chewbacca, nanny a kitty and Grampa a dragon as well. She actually cried when tip told her he wasn't going to be a dragon.
We were lucky to have my parents down and went trick or treating with Jami and Courtney and their kids. Lex loved it and ran from house up house. Rav enjoyed the stroller and eventually fell asleep. We can't wait for next year!!