Friday, January 11, 2013

Rav 8 months November 16, 2012

Our computer is full of pictures so I can't upload Rav's 8 month pictures but I don't wanna forget this so I'm going to do this post anyways

The month from 7 to 8 months was a HUGE month for Ravaroo! He learned to sit up which made him such a happier guy the. About a week later he Learned to crawl! He was rocking back and forth for about a week and then one morning just crawled over to me while I was pumping. And he hasn't quit moving since! It made him such a happy little guy! He has turned into my shadow. He is never far behind me.
Here are some Rav facts at 8 months:
-says mama and dada
-loves Lexi
-super ticklish
-still wakes up 3 times at night
-still getting only breast milk but from a bottle
-eats baby food 3x a day. Loves all baby food!
-starting to play with toys especially lexi's

He is turning into such a happy guy! He is a total mamas boy! Some days it drives me crazy but most days I love it! He follows me around yelling mama mama.

He has stole my heart!

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