Thursday, April 28, 2011

Holy Cow 10 months!!!

I can't believe this little girl is 10 months old! I can't even believe how fast time is flying! All the sudden she is starting to look more toddlerish and less babyish! She is so so fun! She makes us laugh every day! I am so grateful for her! She brings so much light into our home!

Here are whats new with our Little Lexi Grace!

~She is a master crawler and quite fast!
~She loves to follow us around the house.
~She remembers people and gets excited to see her Grandparents and friends!
~She is really good at standing.
~She can walk and push her lion down the hall.
(she could probably walk independently if she was brave)
~She has to watch TV standing up right in front of the TV
~She is a picky eater and will only feed herself.
~Loves fruits!
~babbles and talks all days! Her vocabulary expands daily!
~She loves her doll house and her toys.
~LOVES her blanket and cozy!
~Loves drinks
~She hates to have her diaper changed and tries to escape every time!
~Laughs when you tell her No and keeps going to whatever she was told not too.
~Is still toothless!
~She is a great napper!
~Calls me mama/nana and Tip dad/dada
~loves to point at things

She is my favorite little girl! She grows so much everyday! I can't believe we are getting so close to the big first birthday!! Love ya Lexi!

Easter 2011

We got home from camping early Easter morning. We hurried and got ready for church and made it on time! After church Lexi took a nap and while she was sleeping the Easter Bunny made a visit to our home. Lexi loves the Little People toys so she was pretty excited when she had a new Little People car and new people! Plus of course the Easter Bunny put in some yogurt melts and some puffs! We had a very Happy Easter! Its way more fun with a kid! It was also a great reminder of why we celebrate Easter and the true meaning! I sure LOVE all that I am blessed with in my life!

This is the ADORABLE Easter dress my mom bought Lexi. I love it! Plus she is sporting her new jellie shoes! She looks so old to me in this picture! I can't believe how fast she is growing up!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend with the Harris Family!

We spent Easter weekend with the Harris family in Otter Creek. It was Lexi's first time camping and she loved it!!! We always have a blast with Tip's family, even if it rained most of the time. We spent a lot of time eating, playing cards, and of course laughing. When there were breaks in the rain we played baseball, horse shoe and went on walks. We even had an Easter egg hunt for the kids. It was a great break away from life and wasn't long enough!

                                         gotta have a sink bath picture when your camping!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter with the Parduhn's

Last week my mom decided to do the Parduhn family Easter egg hunt since Jake's kids would be down from Idaho, so Lex and I made the trip up. We were excited to have some fun with all the kids. When we left Thursday morning Lexi had a little runny nose and a cough. At about 8 p.m. Lexi woke up screaming. It was the saddest most awful cry. I could tell she was hurting and was so miserable. Her and I spent the whole night awake and trying to keep her comfortable. It was AWFUL!! So at 8 am Lexi and I made a trip to the instacare and she enough she had a double ear infection. One antibiotic, iburoprofen, and ear drops later, she was a little better but not her happy self. We still enjoyed a movie, the hunt and a park. It has taken a good week but we finally have our happy baby back!
 Lexi's eggs!

All the kids and their loot!

here are the Parduhn grandkids!
Madden and Lexi enjoying a little Mickey!

they sure love each other!

Lexi only had a few eggs but RyRy decided they looked better in his basket!

Jami and Kars making the kids get a work out
Lexi's first time on a swing!

Monday, April 11, 2011

New Trick with Daddy!

Lexi LOVES to stand and balance on Tip's hand!

She laughs so hard everytime.

These two have loads of fun together!

9 Great Months!!

I can't believe my baby is 9 months old! This last month has been crazy! She has changed so much and developed so many new "talents" and "tricks." She is so fun and funny and we spend most of our days laughing! She is quite an amazing little girl!

Her are here latest and greatest stats:

Weight: 17 pounds 14 ounces (28%)

Height 28.75 inches (83%)

So she hasn't quite gained a pound since 6 month (14 oz) but she shot up 3 inches! Long and lean, she didn't get that from me!

Her are her newest talents and abilities:

~She is an excellent crawler and has discover a whole new world.

~She pulls herself up to everything and everyone!

~She can go from her belly to her bum to her knees and the others way around.

~She can wave Hi and Bye bye (although it looks more like a Hitler salute)

~She loves to crawl over things and is quite determined to get what she wants!

~She has become quite a PICKY eater! (its driving me crazy!)

~She gags when she is done eating and spits what ever in her mouth out.

~says Dada, Nana (yes that's me, mama has turned into Nana), can say what the dog says, and wow.

~if you have a camera and tell her to say cheese, she pulls her cheesy face!

~She loves baby dolls. The doll isle at the store is her Disney Land.

~ Loves Kids! She can't get enough of them!

~Still stares at everyone!

~gets really shy around new people.

~Flaps her arms and kicks her legs when she is excited.

~Loves to dance and music

~loves to drink from a cup

~Loves dogs

~Can scream really loud and high pitched

~Has lost her voice and sounds really raspy (we are worried about it but trying different ways to get it back)

~can click her tongue (she thinks this is awesome!)

~Loves her stroller. She think that is the best place to hangout.

~loves TV

~could eat her weight in puffs.

...there is so much I could continue to say about her. She is the best thing that has happened to me. It makes me sad that she isn't quite a little baby anymore, but I am LOVING watching her learn and grow. I love that she gets excited to see me. She is my best little buddy! I love spending every minute I can with her. She has made my life have so much more meaning. I love you baby girl!


I had to post a few of our "outtakes" while we were trying to take her 9 months picture. I mobile baby is a lot harder to take pictures of. She kept climbing towards the camera, laughing, trying to stand up. She is a little crazy and we love every minute of her!