Monday, April 11, 2011

9 Great Months!!

I can't believe my baby is 9 months old! This last month has been crazy! She has changed so much and developed so many new "talents" and "tricks." She is so fun and funny and we spend most of our days laughing! She is quite an amazing little girl!

Her are here latest and greatest stats:

Weight: 17 pounds 14 ounces (28%)

Height 28.75 inches (83%)

So she hasn't quite gained a pound since 6 month (14 oz) but she shot up 3 inches! Long and lean, she didn't get that from me!

Her are her newest talents and abilities:

~She is an excellent crawler and has discover a whole new world.

~She pulls herself up to everything and everyone!

~She can go from her belly to her bum to her knees and the others way around.

~She can wave Hi and Bye bye (although it looks more like a Hitler salute)

~She loves to crawl over things and is quite determined to get what she wants!

~She has become quite a PICKY eater! (its driving me crazy!)

~She gags when she is done eating and spits what ever in her mouth out.

~says Dada, Nana (yes that's me, mama has turned into Nana), can say what the dog says, and wow.

~if you have a camera and tell her to say cheese, she pulls her cheesy face!

~She loves baby dolls. The doll isle at the store is her Disney Land.

~ Loves Kids! She can't get enough of them!

~Still stares at everyone!

~gets really shy around new people.

~Flaps her arms and kicks her legs when she is excited.

~Loves to dance and music

~loves to drink from a cup

~Loves dogs

~Can scream really loud and high pitched

~Has lost her voice and sounds really raspy (we are worried about it but trying different ways to get it back)

~can click her tongue (she thinks this is awesome!)

~Loves her stroller. She think that is the best place to hangout.

~loves TV

~could eat her weight in puffs.

...there is so much I could continue to say about her. She is the best thing that has happened to me. It makes me sad that she isn't quite a little baby anymore, but I am LOVING watching her learn and grow. I love that she gets excited to see me. She is my best little buddy! I love spending every minute I can with her. She has made my life have so much more meaning. I love you baby girl!


I had to post a few of our "outtakes" while we were trying to take her 9 months picture. I mobile baby is a lot harder to take pictures of. She kept climbing towards the camera, laughing, trying to stand up. She is a little crazy and we love every minute of her!

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Jerry and Adrienne said...

she is getting so big! These pictures are so cute!