Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Double Digits....

We are now in the double digits on our countdown to baby!! YAHOO!!

D-Day is getting closer! I still have a lot to do, but the list is getting smaller. The nursery is starting to come together. She now has a crib and bedding! Still no dresser, but I am hoping to hit some garage sales to find the perfect dresser that I can revamp! She has some clothes hanging in her closet (cutest clothes ever). We are getting more excited and nervous for her to come into our lives!!

I am really enjoying this part of pregnancy. I love feeling her move! It fun to sit and watch as my whole belly jumps with ever kick! I am still getting larger (the ability to paint my own toes has become more difficult), but I can at least see my toes still! I sure hope these last 3 months go by fast!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Zach and Tip Getting ready to GO!!

My hot Hubby!!
Tip told me I looked like Robin in my goggle/glasses.

This picture doesn't do the mud justice!! We were COVERED!! I sat in the back so huge mud clods would fly up and hit me. I was plastered!!

This is the house that was in the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid!

The school house/church

My mom in front of the church/school house
Mom, Zach and Tip at one of the lookouts
Tip and I (side note: I look like a whale but I am six months pregnant and wearing 3 sweatshirts, and 2 shirts!)

Tip, Zach and the whale

Last weekend my parents and brother came down for the ATV Jamboree. It's a big four wheeling convention. Its 3 days of ATV rides. Its really fun! I stayed home 2 of the days and dog-sat my parents cute little dog Harley while Tip, Zach, Mom and Dad all rode. Saturday I got called off work so I decided to tag along on one of the rides. It was a blast! I love four wheeling and its been a long time since I've gone and probably will be a long time since I will be able to go again because of our cute little baby. I rode in the back of my parents rhino. It was so fun but boy was it cold and muddy!! We had a great time! We made it back to the trucks just in time for it to start to hail and snow!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Nesting Already......

I didn't think it was going to set in for another couple months or so, but I believe I am starting to NEST!! The last couple of days I have had this desire to get my house ready for our little girl!!!

First: My mom came down this past weekend and she is always a huge help!! I have always struggled with spending money and for some reason my Mom has always been able to convince me! I think she enjoys spending my money!! SO.....with her help I FINALLY found the baby bedding that I love!! Its pink and lime green! We bought a HUGE rug for her room in the same colors! The rug is my favorite part and makes her room!! I also got a cute lamp and some pillows! I have it all set out in her room it only missing furniture (hopefully that will come soon!). I organized her closet and now it just needs to be filled with STUFF!!!

Second: Tip is starting a new job (Yippie). So he will be working more from home so we decided he needed more space in the office! Also, Tips parents gave us a bed to put in our guest bedroom/office and it has been sitting in our garage for MONTHS! So today after I had finished cleaning the house we decided to reorganize the office and move in the bed as well. After one trip to Home Depot and endless trips out to the garbage can we now OFFICIALLY have a office/guest bedroom (minus no sheets or comforter, soon to come).

Third: Tip was such a sport and cleaned out our garage! The weather was GORGEOUS today! So it was nice to open up the garage and clean out the clutter. We are planning on putting up new shelves, so we wanted to get ready for them. The garage now looks swept and cleaned!

I am so excited for our new baby to come. I can't wait to get her room ready and decorated (I am doing it on a budget). I don't know if its nesting or spring cleaning or both but I am enjoying reorganizing and cleaning my house! I am grateful for Tip and for all his help!!