Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick-or-Treat Video

Halloween 2011

Halloween was SO much fun this year! It started out with pumpkins! We have had our pumpkins for a while and Lexi loves them! She would drag them everywhere. She would even try to get Tip's 20 lb pumpkin off the ground but as in her words "it stuck." We carved pumpkins the Saturday before Halloween and Lex thought it was so awesome. She kept licking the lids, yuck! I never got a picture of Tips, opps.

I worked on Halloween, so I hurried home to get Lexi ready. She was absolutely the cutest lady bug ever. She loved her costume and never once tried taking her hat off. Our plan was to only got trick-or-treating to a few houses. We didn't think Lex would care or understand it, boy were we wrong!! SHE LOVED IT!! After the first 2 houses she realized if she knocked they would put candy in her bucket, so she literally ran from house to house. She would go right up to the door and tap with her hand and say knock knock, then just wait. The minute they opened the door she would stick out her hand and say please. When she had her candy she would wave bye and off to the next. We ended up going for an hour, and she could have gone much longer but we were done. It was so much fun to watch. She was not scared one bit! We laughed at how much she loved it and we had to keep up with her. Our friends Ashley and Callaway came with us. The girls looked so little at the doors. It was way fun! We got some hilarious video!  Lexi is getting so much fun! We loved our Halloween and are looking forward to next!!