Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just Lexi..

Lexi is a TV watcher. She loves it. Especially Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It's still a fave. For some odd reason she has to be right up close. She is such a goof!

 Got to Love those baby blues!!

The other day Lexi was playing with her toy phone. She automatically put it up to her ear and started chatting! It was hilarious. Every time I told her to call Nanny or Grandpa or whoever she would put the phone up and chat away. I guess I didn't realize how close she pays attention to the things I do.

Wedding week continued...

 After the wedding was over we spent a few more days up north hanging out with family. We wanted to go to the zoo, but the weather prevented that. So we spent one day watching movies and eating popcorn and treats. Then next day we spent at Kangaroo Zoo. Lexi was not so sure about the jump houses. She never moved from one spot. She spent most of the time pushing her stroller around.

While the parents weren't paying attention Ryder helped Madden and Lexi out by getting the cookies out and opened. We laughed when we turned around and the 3 babies were enjoying as many cookies as they possible could! I love that these 3 are starting to play with each other. Its fun to watch them interact!

Zach and Mandee...

Zach and Mandee were married May 18, 2011 in the Salt Lake Temple. It was a fabulous, very wet day! It was amazing to be in the Temple with ALL my brothers and sisters and their spouses and my parents. We love Mandee and are so excited to have her be in our family! She makes Zach truly happy! It rained the entire day but it was still beautiful! Thanks Diana who came down and watched all the grandkids while we were all in the Temple.

The newly weds!

Lexi looked adorable in her dress. The gloves didn't last long, she had them soaking wet in a matter of minutes.

All the kiddos, I love McCord in this picture!

My handsome husband and beautiful girl!

I didn't not get one picture with all 3 of us! I'm so dumb!

This is what Lexi wants to do the whole time, just walk around.

Cute Ryder was so proud of his flower and left it on all night!

Trying to get a picture with all the kids, and Lexi trying to eat Mandee's bouquet

They had a dance floor and the kids had a blast. Lexi wanted to be up with the big kids so bad.

We had dancing after. It was so fun. Lexi loved it! Tip was dancing with her during a slow song and she laid her head on his shoulder and fell asleep. It was darling! I didn't have my camera but I know Amy and Woody snapped some so I will have to get them from her.

Watching the kids. She wouldn't keep her bow in.

Lexi loves shoes. She played on the floor and played with one of the little girls shoes forever!

It was a beautiful day! Thanks Mandee and Zach!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

11 Months!!

(I know this picture looks spider like but her face looks so stinking cute!)

I cannot believe Lexi is 11 months old!! Crazy to think her next "month" post will be her first birthday! Lexi is getting so big! She is starting to look and act like a toddler! Lexi is truly an amazing little girl! I know I say this every month but I truly love her!

Here are her latest tricks and talents!

~She can WALK!!
( Her main mode of transportation is still crawling but she now walks when she has short distances to go. )

~finally got 2 bottom teeth!

~Is very independent and will only feed herself.

~Can eat her weight in any fruit.

~Says Mom, Dad, Yes (always with a nod), TaDa.

~Loves to wave

~Loves to just stand up in the middle of the room.

~Has to watch TV right in front of it.

~Loves her baby dolls.

~Loves to be outside. She often sits by the front or back door until I let her out.

~Mimics sounds you make.

~Holds the phone up to her ear.


~Still a mama's girl.

~Always has her cozy, binkie, and blanky in tow

~Gives the biggest cheesy grin with her eyes closed

~LOVES all drinks!
~is an early riser (unfortunately)

~Loves animals.

~Is naughty (gets told no no multiple times a day)

~Plays hide and seek with dad (but only as the seeker)

~When she gets mad she makes little fists and lets you know how she feels.

~Loves books

She makes life so much more enjoyable. She is my little buddy and I love spending time with her every day! I can't believe she is almost one! I love you Lexi Grace!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Crazy Sleeper!

A while ago, when I put her down for bed she started to cry. She was SO tired, so I  just shut the door and she cried for about 15 minutes.  I went into check on her before I went to bed a while later. When I opened the door I could see her sitting up. I was shocked she was still awake and just sitting there in the dark. When I walked in closer I realized she was fast asleep sitting straight up! Her poor little head was bobbing! I laid her down and she didn't even flinch. I was laughing so hard!! A couple days later, the same thing happened, only this time she leaned forward onto her blanky. I snapped a few pictures this time. Since then we often find her a sleep sitting up. Usually she had balled up her blanket and is laying on it. She has turned into quite a crazy sleeper! She is all over her crib. I have a feeling she will be quite crazy sleeper like her dad!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Splash Pad!

We went to the splash pad on Friday for the first time.  This was Lexi's first time in water besides the tubby. She was really hesitant when we got there and shed a few nervous tears. She slowly warmed up to it and then LOVED it. We were actually there for quite a long time. She loved walking around in the water and crawling. Mostly I think she just loved watching all the other kids. I can't believe how much she looks more like a little girl and less baby in these pictures. We can't wait to go back!!