Saturday, May 28, 2011

11 Months!!

(I know this picture looks spider like but her face looks so stinking cute!)

I cannot believe Lexi is 11 months old!! Crazy to think her next "month" post will be her first birthday! Lexi is getting so big! She is starting to look and act like a toddler! Lexi is truly an amazing little girl! I know I say this every month but I truly love her!

Here are her latest tricks and talents!

~She can WALK!!
( Her main mode of transportation is still crawling but she now walks when she has short distances to go. )

~finally got 2 bottom teeth!

~Is very independent and will only feed herself.

~Can eat her weight in any fruit.

~Says Mom, Dad, Yes (always with a nod), TaDa.

~Loves to wave

~Loves to just stand up in the middle of the room.

~Has to watch TV right in front of it.

~Loves her baby dolls.

~Loves to be outside. She often sits by the front or back door until I let her out.

~Mimics sounds you make.

~Holds the phone up to her ear.


~Still a mama's girl.

~Always has her cozy, binkie, and blanky in tow

~Gives the biggest cheesy grin with her eyes closed

~LOVES all drinks!
~is an early riser (unfortunately)

~Loves animals.

~Is naughty (gets told no no multiple times a day)

~Plays hide and seek with dad (but only as the seeker)

~When she gets mad she makes little fists and lets you know how she feels.

~Loves books

She makes life so much more enjoyable. She is my little buddy and I love spending time with her every day! I can't believe she is almost one! I love you Lexi Grace!


The Hanson Family said...

She's such a big girl now. We had so much fun with you guys the other day. Can't wait to do it again :)

The Jackson Two said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe how much she is growing! Bryn is almost 8 months and I can't even imagine her doing all the things Lexi is doing in just a few short months! CRAZY!!!