Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mom's 50th and 3 month anniversary...

Last week was my Mom's 50th birthday! We decided that as a family we would spend the weekend as a family. So my entire family ventured down to St. George! We sure had a blast! Its been along time since we all have been able to have a vacation together! Even though Tip and I live here it was still a type of vacation for us!! We spent the days playing games, swimming, had a mean game of bocchi, and spent the day up and Zions! We then had a great party for my Mom. We had homemade Cafe Rio salads, Zach put together a great movie or my mom's life and Linzy made and amazing scrapbook full of letters from each family member. We also did hilarious skits!! The Parduhn clan read a great poem (Matt is an awesome reader!). The Christiansens did a great skit about the day in the life if Kayla! Then Linzy wrote an awesome song that the Morgans, Us, and Zach sang. We laughed and cried!! It was a great weekend. We don't get to spend enough time together. But every time we get together we really love and enjoy each other. I have an amazing family! My mom is so great!! I love her so much!! I hope she had a great birthday!! Here are a few pictures (sorry random order)
Mom opening presents with the help of all the kiddos
Our singing....we sounded....well its the thought that counts right.....

Jadi and McCords imitation of my mom in the tub with Big Red!!

Tip and I in Zions

The whole group.....

Matt and Jadi.... Quite the posers!!

Mom and Dad and the grandkids....don't mind Jami's head!!

Tip and Cordy

Jadi and Matt waiting for the shuttle

The boys spot according to Mccord

Decorating Halloween cookies

Bocchi....a serious game...
The winning team... Jami didn't let anyone forget that!!


I love this guy!!!
We also got to spend time with Tip's family on Sunday and Monday for Raegans Baby Blessing. It was great to see them too!! We are both blessed to have such amazing families!! We are so lucky!!
*****ALSO, today is Tip and I's 3 month anniversary!! I can't believe its been 3 months!! It has gone by so fast!! I love him more then ever!! He is honestly my best friend!! We have adjusted to being married pretty good I think!! We have learned a few new things about each other but we still are TOTALLY in LOVE!! He is great!! I can't remember my life without him!!******