Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Home Sweet Home...(in the process)

Being engaged is a blast..... Buying a house not so much. Tipper and I are in the process of trying to buy a home. When we first started looking at houses it was so much fun!! I loved walking through each home imagining where I would hang what picture or where I would put my couches. But then after walking through house after house. Seeing some disgusting homes, some dream homes, and some messes with great potential I realized that whoever said buying a house was so much fun, either lied or wasn't buying a home on a budget!! It has been STRESSFUL to say the least. I know that once we are in a house and get to make it a home that all the stress, tears, and fears will be worth it!! I can't wait to make a home with Tip, he is amazing and has been so patient with me. He wants me to have my dream home and works hard to try to find it. I hope that we will soon be able to post that we have finally made the purchase and signed the papers. Until then keep your fingers crossed!!