Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sea World

We loved Sea World! This kids had a blast! The kids woke up early our first day so we were able to let Rav take a morning nap before the park was even open. It was perfect! Lex loved looking at all the animals. Both kids liked the shows especially the pet show. We laughed because the only show Lex fell asleep in was the Shamu show. We could not keep her awake. Rav stayed awake the whole day until the very end then he finally passed out. It was perfect day and we were all exhausted by the time we got back to the hotel. 

 Lex saved her money for months for this trip. We told her she could buy what ever she wanted at the end of the day. Every time we passed a souvenir kiosk she said she wanted this pink dolphin with a diamond on it. So at the end of the day we headed to buy the dolphin and when we got there she saw a walrus and no matter how we tried to convince her otherwise we left we the walrus! I love this girl. She is her own person for sure!! 

San Diego

 We headed to Sand Diego the second week in May. Lex was so excited to go to the beach she had a countdown for weeks. We were excited to get away and have some fun. This was our first real vacation and the kids first time in a hotel. We stayed in a kids suite that had two rooms and one of the rooms had bunk beds. The drive to Cali wasn't horrible although we discovered that Rav doesn't sleep in the car and only finally passed out for 20 minutes after sobbing for 45.

 When we got there we decided to head up to Carlsbad and visit Tips old mission. We went to the beach and walked along the pier and ate dinner at Ruby's at the end of the pier. Lex loved the beach and Rav ate the sand. Lexi was terrified of the pier but we had so much fun! After dinner we drove around and found Tip's first apartment and the first door he ever knocked on. It was a good start to our vacation!