Sunday, November 25, 2012

Halloween at Dance!

Lexi got to wear her Halloween costume to dance and she was pretty darn excited about it (don't mind the black eye). She love loves her dance class! She gets super excited every time. She loves dancing with all her friends!

Pumpkin carving!

We carved pumpkins at my parents house in hurricane this year. Lexi loved it! She was way into Halloween and was super excited. We love St. George and the fact that we carved the pumpkins outside in shorts! Lex fell of the bed earlier that day and got her first black eye, just in time for Halloween. Rav loved the pumpkins! Anything he can hit and make noise he thinks is pretty awesome!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Trip up to Alpine!

We went up to Alpine for my cousin Ashlee's wedding. The kids and I hopped a ride early with my dad and got to spend a few extra days playing. We enjoyed some nice shopping and playing with cousins. Diana was a saint and came down to Alpine on the day of the wedding and watched my kids so Tip and I could enjoy the wedding and luncheon kid free! It was a great trip! Both my kids did so well with the travel and sleeping up in Alpine. It was probably the most relaxing trip I've had in a long time!

 These 2 are only 7 months apart. Nash loved Rav and Rav was fascinated with Nash. I can't wait till they can play!

 We danced at the wedding. Lexi loved it! She kept saying can we go to another party again?

Diana and Lexi decorated and painted this Minnie Pumpkin. Lex LOVED it!
 Linzy was a little white trash and brought her own Diet Coke to the luncheon.

 The Morgans and us Stopped at Scheels on the way home to ride the ferris wheel only Lex and Madden were too short so we settled with a ride on the Elk

Making Halloween Cookies

Jami was nice enough to let us come over and bake and decorate Halloween cookies! Lex was super excited! I think she ate more dough then cookies, a girl after my own heart! We sure have loved having family down here to get to do little things with!