Friday, November 9, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

We went Jami and Courtney and their kids to the pumpkin patch. Lexi loved it! She loved the petting all the animals! She is a big fan of animals! She loved going on the ride and thought it was pretty cool she got to ride with Jadi. Rav just loved hanging out in the stroller. Lexi loved picking pumpkins and insisted that she only wanted a little one. I think she found the littlest one there. Rav loved the pumpkin too! Lex was really nervous about getting her face painted so she settled with a pumpkin on her hand and loved it!

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The Hanson Family said...

The picture of Lexi hold her pumpkin is precious and I honestly think she picked to most perfect one! And I think that is an adorable family picture of you guys! Miss you!!!