Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Las Vegas....

Tipper and I rarely have the same day off, so when we both found out we had Tuesday off we decided to go to Las Vegas. We had a blast!! The weather was a perfect 75 degrees!! We walked up the strip and enjoyed the sun! At one point we were both hungry (more me then him) but we were planning on going to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner so we wanted to get something small to hold us over. We stopped and tasted some Gelato, and decided that what we would get some to hold us over. We picked two flavors to share and when went to pay we discovered that our small thing to hold us over cost $18 for our small cup!! We laughed and enjoyed the most expensive ice cream we've every eaten!! It was overall a great day!! We have alot of fun with each other!!! He really makes me laugh!!
waiting for the water show to start. We waited forever, then the one they showed was dumb!!
This is at the end of the day at CPK.

Trying on Harry Potter hats at the Toy Store. Yes we are Dorks!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day....

Since I can remember Valentines Day has been my favorite holiday. I think it steams back to elementry and making Valentine Mail Boxes. I just have loved it!! Plus when we were little my Mom always made Valentines special. She would dye our waffles and milk pink and decorate our mirrors. Plus you can't go wrong with heart shaped sugar cookies (yummy!!, another fav) I LOVE IT!! As I have gotten older, I stil have loved it!! I guess you can say I am a hopeless romantic!! I look forward to this day every year!!

So I wanna wish every one out there a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! Regardless if your single, married, dating, or whatever!! Enjoy this day of LOVE, even if you aren't in love!! I know I will!!!