Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tremonton x2

Tipper's Mom just emailed me some pictures she took up while we were up there so I am adding them too!! Thanks Diana!!


I had the privilege to visit Tipper's home town of Tremonton!! I had a blast!! I absolutely love Tip's family!! They made me feel right at home!! Plus I got to have the grand tour of Tremonton (which only took about five minutes) but it was a great tour!! Tip took me to all his favorite place's. I finally got to experience a turkey Burger from Mack's, and let me tell you it was all he talked it up to be, YUM!! I really do love this kid!! He makes me so happy!! Thanks Tip for taking me home!! Your amazing and I kinda love you!! ;)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Family Vist....

My family came down last weekend. It is always a blast to have them down here. We enjoyed some hiking, Vegas (Thanks Jami and Court for letting Tipper and I tag along!!), games, and some four-wheeling!! The weather was great!! I love when my family come down. Tipper fits right in with my family which I love!! Plus McCord totally says Tipper is his new best friend! I even had to give up my seat on the couch so he could sit by him. Another funny story...when Jadi got back home she told her preschool class that "her friend in St. George FINALLY got herself a boyfriend!" Pretty sad when a 4 year old is worried you'll never find a boy!! At least she called me her friend right?! Well thanks everyone for coming down!! Come Back SOON!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

My Favorite Things....

Wendy tagged me forever ago asking me to post some of my favorite things so here is my list.....

1. IPod Touch!!

I love this thing! It is amazing. The WiFi internet is awesome, allows me to check my blog or facebook whenever. The games on it are so fun and easy to get. It is very user friendly and the built in speakers are awesome!!

2. Diet Coke with Lime
What Can I say!! Its my favorite!! I can't go a day without one!! Out of the can is my fav!!!

3. DVR!

I love having DVR. I love recording my shows I like to watch and watch them on my own time without commercials. I told Tipper I will probably go without AC before I give up my DVR ;)

4. Movies
I love watching movies. Going to the theater is my idea of a good date!! There is nothing like watching movies on the big screen!!

Ok I am going to have to think of some more!! I have lots of favorite but here is a start!!