Saturday, June 20, 2009


Its been a while since I've posted!! I have been super super busy planning the wedding, working, and going back and forth between St. George and Alpine and Tremonton for showers and other wedding stuff. Crazy to say the least!!! We are getting closer the the big shin dig and CAN'T wait!! I can't believe we have less then a month!! YAHOO!!!!

Here is some of the countdowns that I have going on for the next 28 days!!!

~Only 4 more times we have to attend our singles wards!!

~I only have to work 11 more shifts!!

~We get to close on our house! (hopefully July 1st!)

~I get to recieve my endowements on July 10th in the St. George Temple!

~Only 1 more holiday!

Things seem to be working out for us in the best ways and I am so grateful for that!! Tip is still amazing and I can't wait till we can be sealed together!! I honestly don't know what I did without him!! He has brought so much joy to my life!! I totally love him!! He is my keeper!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Home Sweet Home!!!

We bought a HOUSE!!!! We finally found a home that we LOVE!!! I can't wait to move in!!

PS. We get married in 45 days!! (but who's counting!)