Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Big Bed and Big Changes!

Over a month ago, we moved Lexi into a big bed and a new room. We've been wanting to move her for awhile but I was so hesitant because she has always gone to bed SO well in her crib. She was really really excited about the big bed. When we set it up, she played on it for hours. The first week she did AMAZING! She didn't know that she could get out of the bed so it wasn't a challenge at all. The second week was a little rougher because she learned how to climb out. She got better and was doing really well especially at nap time AND then we cut the binkie!

It was a long time coming. I was the sucker and had a hard time taking it away. She was only using it at nap time and bed time so it was difficult to get rid of. After our challenge with the new bed I decided that it was probably better to do it now instead of wait for the baby. So one night I cut it (I teared up a little) and placed it on her dresser. She found it, brought it to me and said binkie boke. I told her if binkie was broke she should probably throw it away. She walked over to the garbage and tossed it. After that she only asked for it a couple times but we would remind her it broke. We had a rough week of very little naps and hour long bedtimes. I am proud to say we are getting better! We have been binkie free for 2 weeks! She really hasn't asked for it at all. We are still trying to figure out a new way to get her to relax for bedtime. She has had lots of tears and even fell asleep in front of her door a couple of times. It has been a challenge but I know it was the for the best! We sure love our little girl! I have to admit it is sometime hard to get mad at her when she gets out of bed and peeks her head out of her room and says Hi Mommy, love you.

Here are a couple pictures of her first night in her new bed and her room!

Another big change that is about to happen is in 2 weeks we will have a new little guy in our arms and home! We are so excited and nervous at the sametime. I can't believe we are on the count down of days! I am so ready to not be pregnant. This last week physically has been a challenge for me. I have to admit I've shed a few tears from being so uncomfortable. Work is getting really challenging and I am ready for a break! I am also incredibly nervous to have 2 kids. I know its going to be an adjustment for all of us. I am nevous for Lexi. I know she will have a love/hate relationship with him for a while. She is pretty baby obssessed right now but she is also a big mommy's girl. I am also afraid to leave her. My first night away from her will be my first night in the hospital. It will be weird to not have Lex be my only focus. I sure love my little girl. She is my buddy. We do everything together. I hope she will some how understand that even though she will have to share my attention she will always be baby girl!

I am also so excited to meet my new little guy. I love him so much already and I know that he will capture my heart even more when I get to hold him in my arms! He is already so loved!

(I am embarrassed to post this picture, but I needed to post a picture Lexi and I. So don't mind the 9 month very large pregnant whale.)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

18 months!

Lexi turn 18 months the day after Christmas so we are a little late posting but better late then never right? Oh what can I say about my little Lexi! She is amazing, sweet, dramatic, funny and can be a stinker! We can't get enough of her. It has amazed me how "grown" up she has been in the last month. She talks so much and non-stop! Most of which is understandable and some jibberish! She talks in sentences and every day she has a bigger vocabulary! Here are a few little fun facts about are little girl!

~Loves babies! Takes her baby every where and sleeps with 4 or 5 at a time.
~She loves TV and Movies. She often brings us the remote saying pease!
~ She knows all her animals and sounds and points them out even when we are driving.
~She knows and can point and say all her different body parts.
~She loves drinks. Doesn't matter what it is!
~She loves to eat ice. She often gets and ice cube and wraps it in a rag and sucks on it.
~She loves to dance and sing. She is hilarious in the car and at church.
~She loves playing with her cousins. She a big love for Jadi and even carries a picture of her around the house.
~She loves my parents dog Harley.
~She loves going to the park or on walks. Just being outside.
~Jumping on the bed.
~She could spin in a circle till she falls over and still gets up and keeps spinning.
~She love treats and snacks.
~She loves fruit, favorite are apples and oranges.
~She is still a mommy's girl but gets super excited when dad gets home!
~She loves to play pretend with her kitchen.
~Loves to get dressed up.
~loves to put on her "boots" and will wear them everywhere all day.
~She is obsessed with the tag on her blanky and has to have a hold of it to go to sleep.
~Some of her favorite sayings are:
"where are you?" She calls for everyone and everything then waits till she hears an answer.
"Pease and Tank you"
"hold you" (when she wants to be picked up)
"I stuck"
"hi mommy"
When ya ask what do you want she always say "ummmmm...."
When you turn on a movie she always puts her hands in the air and say Yes!!

and so much more! There really isn't anything she doesn't say. She can name all my nieces and nephews, all the characters on Mickey Mouse, she can ask for specific foods and drinks.

This is Lexi and Tipper playing Kinect

This is Lexi's best friend Callaway watching a movie together.
 When Tip gets home from work and hopes in the shower Lexi' sits on the toilet and waits. She chats the entire time, tell him her whole day. She then gets his towel ready for him to get out.

 Just snuggling with her babies after a bath.

She loves to cheese for the camera then look at the pictures.

She is really good at eating with utensils and drinking from a cup.

She thinks its so awesome to wear sunglasses with dad! (I love this picture!)
 Playing dress ups...

 Her new favorite thing is to watch Mickey in our bed by herself. She tells us to get out once she is up there. Last Sunday she fell asleep.
 She loves to look out the window and watch for Mom or Dad coming home from work. This picture she was watching for Nanny and Bamba to come! She waves furiously when she sees whoever walking up the walk way. (notice the boots)
 playing dress ups before bed. We were princesses.