Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tremonton-Box Elder County Fair

We made the trip up north to Tremonton for the Box Elder County Fair. Although the wind was wild why we were there we had a great time! Sher and Josh and their kids also made the trip up and we always have a blast. (We sure missed Trish and Jeff though!) I am horrible at remembering to take pictures but here are a few I captured of the weekend!

Remy and Tip on the Ferris Wheel

This is how Lex enjoyed the fair, sound asleep in the stroller!

Tip and Scotty

Remy, Kennedie, Sher and Halle cruising down the slide.

Diana gave Lexi her first baby doll, Grandma Lola made her doll a blanket.

Lexi and Grampa enjoying a Sunday morning nap

On our way up we stopped to see Linzy and Madden in Nephi.
We had to snap a few pics of the babies together!
It was a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2 Months!

Lexi is two months old now!! She is getting so big! She has quite the personality! She is very happy! She smiles a lot now (except on camera). She coos and babbles all day long. She has discoverd she has hands and she trys to fit both fist in her mouth. She loves to sit up and look around. She gets more fun every day! We love her so much!
Here are her two month stats:
weight: 10 lbs 15 oz
height: 22 inches

She is pretty funny when she sleeps.
She has to have both her cozy and blanket tucked up by her face.
She holds on tight to the cozy!

Friday, August 20, 2010

LeXi and the bUmBo

Lexi tried out the bumbo for the first time the other day and she loved it!! She loves to be up and looking around which makes tummy time difficult. So we got out the bumbo and it was a hit!! She looks so little yet big in it. She can only sit there for so long then her head gets heavy, but she just sits and smiles while she looks around. She is smiling so much now, except for when i break out the camera. She immediately gets that deer in head light look when the camera comes out. Hopefully I can sneak one soon!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It was my brother Jake's 30th birthday (yep he's old), so his awesome wife surprised him with a a visit from our family! We were the best birthday present ever!! Tip couldn't miss work, so Lexi and I made the 10 hour trip by ourselves. We rode up to Alpine and then drove the rest of the way with my Mom and Linzy and Madden. 2 nursing babies make for long car ride! Both babies did awesome though! We spent the day at a lake and it was a blast. Thanks Wendy and Jake for a great trip! Lexi in her sunhat!
This is how she spent most of the day, trying to stay out of the sun and wind.
She is such a good baby!!

Jami and Mom

The Family
Matt and Jadi

Cute litte RyRy
(today is his 1st birthday! Happy Birthday Ryder)

Sunday, August 8, 2010


This past week Lexi has started to discover toys. I've been laying her under these hanging toys and she loves it!! Especially in the morning! She coos and smiles as she swings her arms to hit the toys while her legs pump. Its pretty funny to watch! She grows and changes everyday! I can't believe how fast the last 6 weeks have gone! I love that she is starting to interact more but kinda sad that she isn't a newborn anymore. We sure love this little girl! She has both Tip and I wrapped around her little finger!!

Lexi sure loves Tip.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lexi's Blessing Day

Grampa Dave and Nanny Kayla

Grampa Gary and Grandma Dina

4 Generations
Isn't she cute??

the Harris Family!

I love her dress!!

we have awesome family

sun bathing in the shade!! (i promise she was in the shade the whole time!)

I promise it was Madden that was making it stink!! Haha

Tips awesome tricks!

gotta love this girl!!
Tip and McCord!!

Ella loved Lexi!! She was a lot of help!!

We had the opportunity to go up north to bless Lexi. Since most of our families live up north we decided it would be easier to have her blessing at my parents house so that our families could attend. Tip gave a beautiful blessing!! It was nice to see all of our family there supporting us! Thanks to everyone for making the trip!! Why we were up there we also enjoyed some pool time! Lexi experienced her first little sunburn nose. Even though Linzy and I sat the entire time under the umbrella both Lexi and Madden got a little sun on their faces. Opps!