Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lexi's Blessing Day

Grampa Dave and Nanny Kayla

Grampa Gary and Grandma Dina

4 Generations
Isn't she cute??

the Harris Family!

I love her dress!!

we have awesome family

sun bathing in the shade!! (i promise she was in the shade the whole time!)

I promise it was Madden that was making it stink!! Haha

Tips awesome tricks!

gotta love this girl!!
Tip and McCord!!

Ella loved Lexi!! She was a lot of help!!

We had the opportunity to go up north to bless Lexi. Since most of our families live up north we decided it would be easier to have her blessing at my parents house so that our families could attend. Tip gave a beautiful blessing!! It was nice to see all of our family there supporting us! Thanks to everyone for making the trip!! Why we were up there we also enjoyed some pool time! Lexi experienced her first little sunburn nose. Even though Linzy and I sat the entire time under the umbrella both Lexi and Madden got a little sun on their faces. Opps!


Sam and Meesha said...

Sounds great, Nikki! Gigi has that cute blue dress as well. You look GREAT and Lexi is super cute.

The Brooks Family said...

Congrats Nikki! Lexi is absolutely beautiful. Hope that everything is going good.


The Jones Family said...

Congrats- she's beautiful! I found your blog when I was on someone elses. You look great- I hope you are enjoying time with your baby away from work. Can't wait to see you when you come back. Take care. Kasey

The Jones Family said...

Oh yeah I'm going to add you to my blog, mine is private but if you want an invite e-mail me.

The Conders said...

What a special day! She is beautiful. When you're up again sometime, we should go to lunch so I can meet her! (And see you of course!)