Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tremonton-Box Elder County Fair

We made the trip up north to Tremonton for the Box Elder County Fair. Although the wind was wild why we were there we had a great time! Sher and Josh and their kids also made the trip up and we always have a blast. (We sure missed Trish and Jeff though!) I am horrible at remembering to take pictures but here are a few I captured of the weekend!

Remy and Tip on the Ferris Wheel

This is how Lex enjoyed the fair, sound asleep in the stroller!

Tip and Scotty

Remy, Kennedie, Sher and Halle cruising down the slide.

Diana gave Lexi her first baby doll, Grandma Lola made her doll a blanket.

Lexi and Grampa enjoying a Sunday morning nap

On our way up we stopped to see Linzy and Madden in Nephi.
We had to snap a few pics of the babies together!
It was a great weekend!

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jami said...

so fun! love all the pics. Can't believe how big the babies are getting