Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day and Life..


Every time you hold Lexi up her legs and arms go straight out.

She has the perfect superman pose.

Playing with Dad...Aren't these two just too cute!!

We decided that lexi looks like a little pixie fairy. She could be the newest member of pixie hollow with her cute little pointed ears! I love it!

We wanted to do something for Labor Day so we headed up to Snow Canyon to drive and walk around. We discovered that Lexi would rather sit and face forward in the stroller then in the car seat. She loves to look around and thinks she is much bigger then she really is! We love this girl. Although she continues to be camera shy and will NOT smile on camera. I have even tried to sneak one and the minute she gets a glimpse of the camera she just stares blankly at the camera.

This is my attempt to sneak a picture of Lexi's smile in the morning.

She is learning to "like" but still not "love" tummy time.


jami said...

she is so cute

SheriDawn said...

Too bad she doesn't look a thing like her dad :) I need to come visit you. She's sure cute!