Saturday, April 2, 2011

and she CRAWLS!!

A couple weeks ago we were up north at my parents and Lexi started to army crawl forward. She has been getting up on her hand and knees and rocking but could only go backwards. This was her first attempt at going forward. It took a couple of weeks but she has since MASTERED the army crawl AND up on her hands and knees. She goes much slower on all fours, so if she wants something fast she drops to her belly and takes off. Its pretty funny to watch! She loves that she can go places and we have discovered quite a few places that we didn't think she would go and things she gets into. Every time I try to take a picture of her on all fours crawling she sees the camera and drops to her belly and scoots to get the camera. Here are pictures of her in action and yes we are enticing her with diet coke and chocolate (a girl after my own heart, and she only has a taste of diet coke).


The Hanson Family said...

Look out! Nothing is safe :)

The Conders said...

That up close picture of her is freaking adorable! Can't believe she's getting so big!