Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter with the Parduhn's

Last week my mom decided to do the Parduhn family Easter egg hunt since Jake's kids would be down from Idaho, so Lex and I made the trip up. We were excited to have some fun with all the kids. When we left Thursday morning Lexi had a little runny nose and a cough. At about 8 p.m. Lexi woke up screaming. It was the saddest most awful cry. I could tell she was hurting and was so miserable. Her and I spent the whole night awake and trying to keep her comfortable. It was AWFUL!! So at 8 am Lexi and I made a trip to the instacare and she enough she had a double ear infection. One antibiotic, iburoprofen, and ear drops later, she was a little better but not her happy self. We still enjoyed a movie, the hunt and a park. It has taken a good week but we finally have our happy baby back!
 Lexi's eggs!

All the kids and their loot!

here are the Parduhn grandkids!
Madden and Lexi enjoying a little Mickey!

they sure love each other!

Lexi only had a few eggs but RyRy decided they looked better in his basket!

Jami and Kars making the kids get a work out
Lexi's first time on a swing!

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Souza Family said...

Looks like a fun time. Glad she is over her ear infections. Those are the worst. My big kids never had them, but Anna has had is so sad to see babies hurting like that.