Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend with the Harris Family!

We spent Easter weekend with the Harris family in Otter Creek. It was Lexi's first time camping and she loved it!!! We always have a blast with Tip's family, even if it rained most of the time. We spent a lot of time eating, playing cards, and of course laughing. When there were breaks in the rain we played baseball, horse shoe and went on walks. We even had an Easter egg hunt for the kids. It was a great break away from life and wasn't long enough!

                                         gotta have a sink bath picture when your camping!


The Hanson Family said...

Yay! You actually took lots of pictures this weekend. And I just have to say that I think Lexi looks so stinkin' adorable in those pictures after her bath, with nothing in her hair and it just combed down..."the business man do." As we used to call it on Leah. I'm just saying, she just looked simply sweet, like the beautiful little girl that she is :)

The Hanson Family said...

Oh! And by the way, you are behind on the monthly pictures you post on the side of your blog. The last one is from 8 months. Where's 9 and now 10? Get on it women :)

Harris Family said...

ohhh... makes me crying we missed out. We love Otter Creek. Miss everyone's faces, never get to see picks of all the other kids and sheridan. glad it was fun!!! and I agree, Lexi looks darling with her hair combed down... loved it!