Monday, October 11, 2010

Up North Visit...

We headed up north for Madden's baby blessing and my Mom's birthday. Because of the crazy wild weather in St. George last week, Tip was unable to go with us. So Lexi and I headed up. It is always fun to see family but also great to come home. Lexi was so excited when we got home to see Tip. She just kept staring at him and smiling.
Tricia was also in Utah, so we got to spend a little time with her.
It was so great to see her, we miss her so much!

Here are the latest Madden and Lexi pictures.

She was so fascinated with him and he could care less about her.

Lexi looks bigger, although Madd weighs more.

(her round head is deceiving.)

Its been so fun to have kids the same age.

Linzy and I often call each other for advice, or just to chat.

I can't wait to watch these to grow up together!

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jami said...

you didnt ask me and ryder to be in that picture! how rude