Thursday, March 7, 2013

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was so so fun! I could barely sleep I was so excited for my kids to wake up! They woke up around 730 and Lexi was so so excited! All she asked for was a pretend kitty! Santa brought her the cutest pretend kitty! She was so excited! She also got a la la loospey tree house from Santa and a stocking full of great stuff! Rav got a rocking horse and a little people zoo from Santa. He was a little confused what was going on but thought it was pretty awesome! Lexi love love loved opening presents! She has been waiting for all month to open presents and went crazy! She loved it! Rav enjoyed opening presents too! He more loved the paper! 
Tip had a golf themed Christmas. He pretty much got all golf stuff! I don't think he minded too much! He also took one of his old putters and had it cut down and put a pink grip on it for Lexi. She thought it was pretty neat! We loved Christmas! It was so fun to be with Gary, Diana and Scotty. We enjoyed a great dinner and enjoyed a fun walk outside to see Elkie the Elk, even though it was a little too cold! We also played some fun games! It was great holiday! Kids sure make holidays more fun! I can't wait for next year when Rav gets excited as well! 

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