Saturday, March 2, 2013

Christmas with the Parduhns

We were so lucky this year with my work schedule we were able to spend quite a bit of time up north with both our families for the holidays. We went up to Alpine a few days before Christmas and had a blast! We spent most of the time playing in the snow. This was Lexi's first time really seeing snow. When she got out of the car she said, "what is this stuff?" Then she touched it and figured out it was cold and became unsure. But she quickly grew to love it! She would have stayed outside all day if we let her. She enjoyed sledding, rolling in it, building a snow man, and most of all eating it! Rav didn't mind it either, as long as he was bundled up! We also were able to go see the reindeer. Christmas is so so much fun with a very excited  2 1/2 year old who can't wait for Santa to come!
We went to the both the Parduhn and Woodruff Christmas parties and had a blast! We were able to open our presents from my parents and they spoiled us again! We then headed up to Tremonton in a snow storm to spend Christmas day up there!

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