Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Crazy Weekend

My family came down for Jami to run the Snow Canyon Half Marathon. The weekend started out way fun and ended kinda crazy. The weather was great. We went to the park and out to dinner. Jami did great on her run in the morning. Then my dad and I spent the rest of the day and night with Jami in the hospital. She ended up getting her gallbladder out. Even with all the craziness its always enjoyable to have family here.
I didn't take enough pictures but I did snap a few.

Ryder loves the babies! He talks to them in a high voice. I can't wait to watch these 3 play together! Jadi and McCord took turns all weekend holding and kissing both Madden and Lexi.

Here is another snap shot of Lexi and Madden.

Lexi still is so fasinated with Madden and he still could care less about her!!

Here is Jami after surgery. She is pretty dang funny on drugs!!

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jami said...

um I don't see the picture of me in the hospital. it must have been to nasty to show. haha