Friday, December 2, 2011

The Month of November

We had crazy month and I can't believe November is over. We started it off with a trip up north to visit my family and watch my niece Jadi dance at a Christmas show. It was a fun trip and I forgot to take pictures. Unfortunately the down side of the trip was Lexi got hand, foot, and mouth while we were there.We got back Sunday and by Tuesday Lexi's whole mouth was covered in red sores that turned into blisters. The poor girl was covered and miserable. Her hands and feet were so sore she could barely walk and would just hold her hands as if she had wet finger nails. It was a LONG week and half with not much sleep for anyone. It was awful. She even had them in her mouth, so we spent most of the time watching Tangled (multiple times a day) and eating Popsicles and ice cream sandwiches.

 Here is her mouth Tuesday, this is nothing compared how bad it got.
 She was so miserable and couldn't get comfortable, so sleep happened in naps.
 This is her mouth before it blistered. She wouldn't let me take a picture when it got bad.
 Her she is enjoying an ice cream sandwich. She'd only smile when she was eating something cold.
 We made our own fun while we were staying indoors. This is towards the end of the week. she was finally starting to act better but still couldn't touch much with her hands.
 Luckily for us she was all better by Thanksgiving!! This is the first year in our marriage that I haven't had to work on Thanksgiving, so this was our first Thanksgiving up in Tremonton. We had a blast with Josh and Sher and their kids (we sure missed Jeff and Trish). Lexi and Raegan became inseparable. Lexi would hop out of bed each morning and run to the door and yell Raeggy! We had a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner and company. Sher and I even dragged Tip, Josh, and Scotty to do some black Friday shopping, which Josh swears he will never do again!

We enjoyed shopping, a movies, screwy lewy, and lots of laughs. Once again I never take enough pictures since I'm still camera less (hoping Santa has a new one for me in his bag). Here are some taken from my phone.
We can't go to Tremonton without Lexi going on a four-wheeler ride. So we bundled her up to go!

The kids played the dance game on the Wii and Lexi and Raegan loved dancing with them!

Lexi and Raegan enjoying a tea party that Grandma Dina prepared for them.
Lexi loved it!

Halle and Lexi snuggling.

Now our tree is up and our stockings are hung and we are ready for Christmas!!


The Ravsten's said...

So fun! Merry Christmas!

The Jackson Three said...

What causes hand, foot, and mouth and how did she get it? Virus? So, So glad she is better and so glad also to hear you are doing well with your pregnancy!