Thursday, December 8, 2011

Baby Brother Update...

I haven't posted much about this pregnancy and since this is our family scrapbook I figured I better give a little update on how are baby boy is doing. He is doing! We are almost down to double digits (104 days left)! Crazy how fast this pregnancy is going. When people ask me when I am due, I always say I have forever but I am just less then 3 weeks shy of my third trimester (gulp). We haven't done much (or anything) in the way of getting ready for him. We figured after the holidays we will get in gear of getting both his and Lexi's new rooms ready. This has been such a different pregnancy then Lexi's. I have definitely enjoyed it more.

Lexi has gotten really clingy with me lately. I don't know if she can sense that her life is about to be invaded with a new little someone. When you ask her where Mom's baby is or where is baby brother she will point to my belly or try to look down my shirt. She still gives my belly kisses. We are practicing teaching her to say brother and his name. She has mastered the name but brother is still a work in progress.

Here are a few random facts about our little guy:
   ~His heart beat is always around 140 beats per minute
   ~He is still sitting head up currently (hope he turns in the next couple of weeks) and really low.
   ~He is relatively still but then moves and kicks wildly for an hour at a time. He seems to be really awake at 11 pm and 3 am (hope that's not a peek into our future nights). He still does big turns that sometimes hurt. You can see his kicks from the outside as my whole belly jumps with each punch.
   ~I've craved less sweets with him and more salt and spicy.
   ~I have had way more back pain with him.
   ~Worse heartburn ever!!

We are so excited and nervous for him to get here. I know our world will change so much with two. I sometimes wonder if I can love him as much as I love Lexi. But I know the moment he is in my arms that will change. I already do have so much love for him. It still seems surreal that we will be having a little boy! I have some fears with having a boy. I have no idea what to do with a boy! Hope we learn quick!!

One thing is for sure, we are sure excited to become a family of 4!

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The Ravsten's said...

You are going to be a fantastic mother of two. All boys need is love and you and Tipper have enough of that to go around. You're gonna be great. It's going to be such an exciting new adventure. Three kids is when your world turns upside down! Best wishes.