Friday, April 12, 2013

Rav 1 year!

Ravsten 12 months

We made it!! I honestly didn't know if we would! Rav had such a rough beginning. The poor guy was so colic, had horrible reflux and never pooped with out suppositories for the first 6 months. But he has turned into such a happy, amazing, shy guy! He is still high maintenance and is never far from me. He is 100% mamas boy and I love it! I honestly have so much love for him. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father sent me such an amazing little boy. I am so lucky to be his mother. Even those first months were really hard I wouldn't trade them. I have an unexplained bond with Rav. He completely stole my heart those many night and days of crying. I love him so much. I can't wait to see what the coming years have for him! 

Rav's 1 year stats:

Weight: 20.25 lbs (13%)
Length: 30.5 inches (72%)

He has come far from my chubby 9 lb 2 oz 22 inches to now my long lean little guy!

Rav Facts:
~is the best walker. He runs!
~He is a climber. He even stacks things to climb up higher.
~Loves anything with wheels particular trucks. Makes a mean car noise!
~Loves to eat and gets so mad if he is hungry and you don't give him his food fast.
~He is super shy. He gets so shy when the attention is focused on him.
~he has a potato chip heart and can cry at anything.
~Says dada, mama, Hi dad, Lexi, what a lion says, hey, thank you and jabbers all day long.
~Loves to dance and if any song comes on he starts dancing.
~likes to throw stuff in the trash pretty sure he threw both mine and Lexi's brush away.
~love to give hugs and says ahh when he hugs you.
~Is OBSESSED with his cozy. He drags it everywhere and sucks on it. If he likes you he will share it with you which consists of him shoving it in your face. 
~Loves his binky.
~Like to unfortunately play in the toilet.
~loves to ride in the stroller or shopping cart.
~Hates getting dressed! He screams as if he is being tortured!
~Still only has his 2 bottom teeth but has been working on his top for a month. He is the worse teether. Poor dude has been miserable.
~thinks Lexi is really awesome and loves to be playing right by her.
~Loves to yell Hi Dad when ever he sees Tip.
~loves water but refuses to drink Milk out of anything but his bottle. 
~he is still a rotten sleeper and still gets up once.
~wont watch tv and has to be entertained.
~is such a mamas boy. He is never far from me.
~Loves the vacuum and chases it while I vacuum.
~loves to be outside and tries to escape whenever the doors are open.
~Loves to sit in the little chairs by himself and things its pretty cool he can do it.
~gives great high fives
~when he gets mad he clenches his jaw and screams 
~loves to take naps and go to bed. (if only he would stay asleep)
~loves to snuggle.
~still so ticklish and has the best most contagious giggle. It doesn't take much to make him belly laugh.

He is such a stud. He is such a happy fun guy. He is defiantly a harder child then Lexi was but I wouldn't change him. I love his sweet shy personality. I love the hugs I get every time he sees me. He is my guy! I sure love my Ravaroo!  

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