Friday, April 12, 2013

Disney on Ice

While we were up north we went to Disney on Ice with the girls and Remi. We had a blast Lexi loved it and so did I! Her favorite part was Tangled. She sat in ah on her chair the whole time. I love taking her to new things. It was so fun! I love that she is getting older and enjoys things like this!

We kinda had a hiccup when we were headed up north. Poor Diana came down with the flu and pneumonia. Since none of us really wanted to get sick we decided to stay at my parents in Alpine. We were so grateful my parents let us all stay there while they were down in St. George. It was sure fun to spend time with the Harris family. We don't get together enough and we sure miss Jeff and Tricia! We loved spending time snuggling with little Harper. I struggled taking pictures, but I did snap this cute one of the brothers laughing (minus Scotty).

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