Sunday, January 4, 2009

My 9 New Years Resolutions for 2009....

My friend asked me the other day if I made any New Year's Resolutions. I hadn't really thought about it, but I decided I should make some and maybe if I post them and make them more public I will accomplish them!! (And then again its the thought that counts right?)

1. Quit Swearing. I know that is one of the most disgusting habits a girl can have, but ever since I've became a nurse I've been known to swear here and there. No I don't say major words and I am no sailor, but it is a habit that I am determined to break.

2. To go to the Gym at least 4 times a week or more :). Isn't this everyones goal? Well I try to go to the gym quite a bit but I am determined to go more often and more consistently. I even bought me some new running shoes!!

3. Shed a few (or 10) pounds! UGH!! I hate this one, but what needs to be done, needs to be done. Enough said.

4. Get a new Hobby!! Working full time as a nurse is only 3 days a week. Don't get me wrong 3-twelves often kick my butt, but it also means I have a lot of down time and days off. You can only clean so many days, and watch TV so much before you don't feel productive. Since I have so much free time, I decided I NEED a hobby. So, I decided to take a photography class with my friend Lisa. Not sure if I will be any good, but at least its a start!!!

5. Really study my scriptures!! I have always been a good and faithful scripture reader. But some time I feel like I am just going through the motions of reading them. Since I have become the Gospel Doctrine teacher, I have learned what it means to really study them and how important it is. This year I am going to STUDY the scriptures!!

6. Go on a Real Vacation. Everyone always tells me since I am single I should travel. Of course I would love to travel, but its no fun by yourself. But this year I am determined to do some traveling! I don't even care if its small trips, I want to go somewhere!! Ok in big dreams I would love to go to Europe or some exotic Island!! And who knows maybe I will go to those this year. I do need some traveling buddies! So if anyone is interested let me know!!!

7. Meet the Man of My Dreams!! Hey its ok for a girl to dream big right?? Ok so this is a pretty out there and less obtainable goal, but lets be honest I didn't say I had to accomplish these resolutions just make them. Ha Ha!!

8. Be Happy with a Positive Attitude!! I have always been taught and believe that attitude is everything!! I sometimes have a rotten attitude. I often have the grass-is-greener-on-the-other- side-syndrome. I am determined that this year I am going to be happy with whatever cards I am delt it life. I want to look at my life as the glass is half full not half empty!!

9. Learn to Cook. One of the downfalls of being single is that I only have to cook for one. And since I am that one and can eat the same thing every day (breakfast: frosted mini wheats, lunch: sandwhich, dinner: sandwhich, go out, or tortillas) cooking isn't a priority. I'll be honest, I don't really like to cook or maybe its just I don't know how. (This could really put a damper on goal number 7, I'm hoping the saying 'a way to a man's heart is through his stomach' isn't totally true.) But I do want to learn. I talked to my sister Jami and she has given my some advice, recipes, and what to buy at the grocery store. And let me tell you, my old shopping list was a lot cheaper!! I am grateful for her wisdom and if anyone else has some good, quick (I'm not patient in the kitchen), easy recipes please share!!

Well there are my 9 goals/resolutions of 2009!! I am hoping that by sharing them with everybody I will at least be able to accomplish one or two off the list!! Maybe I will post an update on them in 6 months and let you know how they are going. Like I said though, Its the thought that counts right???


Parduhn Family said...

Good luck with your new year resolutions! Wish you could have come up this last week! We had fun.

jami said...

Those sound like excellent goals. you make me sound like I am betty crocker. I like my recipes simple, and yummy. I don't do complicated.

Tricia said...

What is it with becoming a nurse and swearing!!! i'm in the same boat Nikki,ha ha! How bout WE travel together as single women and working on the swearing part together :) oh and I would love to go to the gym with ya if you ever want some company! I need to start using my pass. Love ya girl

kars and linz said...

nik i just bought a book called 52 weeks. its a recipe book for one to two people. it may not be the healthiest but if there is any good ones ill let you know!!! oh and hey if your recipe calls for lime zest or the right kind of eggs you do know who to call!!! i love ya!