Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Witches Night Out!!

Mom and her Award

Mom and Kelly Dancing

Jami getting her groove on...

some boys unaware of Jami's sick moves!!

The girls

Our group...

Cleaning up after the attack of the swamp


My sisters, Mom, Aunt Kelly and Iwent to Witches Night Out last Saturday. We had a blast dressing up like witches going to dinner then to Gardener Village for the festivities. We laughed our heads off when Jami and My Aunt Kelly had an incident with a hidden swamp that resulted in pee tights and a missing witch nose. We danced and partied and my Mom even won a "major" award!! I can't wait for next year!!


jami said...

please take my dancing pics OFF the blog! I look like a horse!

Yoneeley said...

THat looks so stinking fun! I think I might like that. It would be way better than hippo tampons.