Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bad day at the Dentist....

I hate the dentist. I always have. When I was a little girl they used to put me to sleep just so the dentist could do his job. SO basically I avoid going at all cost....which I learned today is a very very bad idea. Since I've been paying for dental insurance for almost a year I decided that it was time to actually use it. SO my day started out great and now as I type my mouth is hurting. Lets just say my little check up and cleaning turned into 4 cavaities. 3 will need crowns, 1 root canal and just one regular filling. I can practically hear my checking account getting smaller :( So after a nervous break down (Sorry Mom). I went
back to the dentist to get started on tooth #1. Two hours in the chair with a litte nitrous oxide and I was flying high. Pretty sure I might of even snorted in the chair, but I was embarrassed so I decided not to ask if that was true. Now the numbness is wearing off and I can really feel it! Ouch!! Oh well what can you do!! Now i will being making regular 6 month check ups from now on!!!

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