Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tremonton, Brigham Temple, Box Elder County Fair

At the end of August we headed up to Tremonton for the Brigham City Temple open house. It was so much fun to be out of the heat and enjoy some cool air with cousins. The temple was beautiful. I love the feeling inside. Lex was a bit of a stinker in the temple and I didn't think she really paid much attention, I was wrong. Since we went thru she has become obsessed with temples. We have to often drive by the temple. She sings I love to see them temple several times a day. She ask to go to the temple often. I love it! Thank you Gary and Diana for allowing us to go and have such a special experience.
After the temple we headed to the county fair. To say Lexi loved it is an understatement. She still asks on a daily bases to go to the fair and see the animals. She loved the moo cows, horses and sheep. She also experienced her first carnival rides. She loved the ferris wheel. It was a great trip and we sure enjoyed our stay!
  Rav and Blair are still unsure of each other. I can't wait till they play!
Diana gave Lexi and Alvin the chipmunk stuffed animal and it was a major hit!
 Raegan and Lexi love to play with each other. They play so well together and had a blast!

 Rav LOVES the stroller. He thinks he is big in there and enjoys watching people!

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