Sunday, June 3, 2012

Las Vegas

My sister and cousin and their families were here in St. George for spring break. We all decided to go to Vegas for one night. We got really cheap rooms at Circus, Circus. I was already hesitant to take Rav since he had been so difficult but decided that we needed a break. The morning we were planning on leaving I woke up and immediately knew that I had mastitis. I had it once when I was nursing Lexi. I called my doc first thing and got on an antibiotic. I still felt pretty good, just had a headache. I thought I had caught it quick enough so we went on with our plans and headed to Vegas. By that night I was pretty miserable. I was in so much pain and swollen that poor Rav couldn't eat. So after one really long night in the hotel we headed home.It was still an okay trip. I didn't take many pictures but did snap a few of Lexi riding the carousel.

I got even more sick the next few day and ended up getting on 2 antibiotics to finally get better. Thankfully my mom and sister were in town and were able to help me out with Lexi while Tip worked. It was a very horrible, painful, emotional week.

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