Saturday, June 16, 2012

best BIG sister EVER!

Rav wasn't the biggest fan of his carseat at first. He cried every time I put him in it. One day we were going shopping and I strapped him in and then ran to the bathroom. I could hear him crying and I could hear Lexi talking to him saying "its okay buddy, don't cry." When I came out this is how I found him. She had given him all her toys plus her sippy cup, and she sat and was rocking his seat. She is the best big sister ever. She is always concerned about him. If I put her in the car first she always screams "where did my buddy go?" She often says, "Mom I got buddy." I honestly think he is a big guy for his own safety, because he is too heavy for her to pick up but not for her lack of trying. She is quick to give him high fives and stones. Rav loves her too. He always watches her and never takes his eyes off her. He always gives her the biggest grins! I am so glad these two are close in age. I know that they will be great friends. I am sure there will be many fights too!

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