Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rav's Hospital Stay

The morning after Rav was born Tip brought Lexi in first thing in the morning. She was so hesitant with him the day before I was a little nervous about how she would react. She came running in the room jumped up on the bed with me and wanted to hold him. She then pointed out all his features. She kept saying hi baby. She was so excited to hold him. We then had many visitors of family and friends. I was really, really sore so Rav and I decided to stay another night. That night poor Rav broke out in blisters from where they taped his name badge on and on his poor bum. It was awful. He cried and I cried. The next morning we both felt better and headed home. Here are a few pictures of our stay!

I wanted to also to tell the meaning behind his name. When we were dating we decided that we were going to name our first boy Ravsten Woodruff Harris. Ravsten is Tip's mom's maiden name and Woodruff is my mom's maiden name. Both of our mom's only had one brother. Both of their brother's died at young ages. We decided it was a way to pass on both of their names. We plan on calling him Rav. We sure love our little guy!


tylerandtia said...

Oh he is so cute! & I love when there is a meaning behind names! I love Rav, but now I love it even more! What a sweetie! Congrats girly? We need a playdate while we are on leave :)

The Martin's said...

What a cute little boy and you look wonderful for just having a baby.

The Hanson Family said...

Welcome to the world baby Rav! I'm so excited that he's here. It's gonna be so fun having boys close together in age! They can be best buds! Congratulations!