Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lexi's first Hair Cut

I finally bit the bullet and cut Lexi's hair. I was so hesitant because I loved her curls and didn't want to cut them off. But she really had quite the mullet growing and so before I had the kid's pictures taken I decided to get it cut. She did so good! She sat in the chair and did great! She held my hand and sat very still. The girl cut it really short on one side and I cried a little. But when I took her home and blew it out with a round brush she looked so darling! She looks so much older with it cut. It makes me sad that my little baby girl is getting big but she is getting so much more fun!  Here are a few pictures we took.

Here is the last picture of her curls. (her hair actually still curls in the back even short)

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The Hanson Family said...

She's such a good girl. Leah still has to sit in my lap to get her hair trimmed. She looks adorable!