Thursday, January 26, 2012

Swimming with the WHOLE Harris Clan!

At the beginning of January, Jeff and Tricia were able to come to St. George from Alaska. It was an absolute blast! We hadn't seen them in so long. Lexi absolutely LOVED Trish and Jeff. She loved having them sleep at our house and every morning ran to Tricia and jumped in her arms. We had so much fun but didn't get much sleep. We miss Jeff and Trish so much! Tip and I loved hanging out and talking with them. We have always had so much fun being together since we all started dating at the same time.
I struggled with my picture taking skills of the crazy weekend. I did however take a ton of pictures of everyone swimming. I choose to not scare people by putting my extra large pregnant self in a swimsuit and sat on the sideline snapping away. Lexi loves water. She spent the entire time in the water. She loved getting splashed, thrown in the air and jumping off the side. She didn't want to get out. In fact, when she was shivering I had to force her to get out.
The next weekend we had the opportunity to go up north to go through the Temple with Tricia and then attend their sealing the next day. It was such a great spiritual weekend! They looked beautiful and very much in love! Thanks Jeff and Trish for letting us be apart of your special day! We love you and miss you!
  This is Lexi and Raegan looking at the horses at the Wades home. Lexi would of climbed in if I let her. She loved the hee hees!!

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