Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christmas Day 2011

We have had a very busy January this year so I am just now trying to catch up with blogging.
We had an amazing, relaxing Christmas. We spent the night at my parents house with Karson and Linzy and their boys too. The kids woke up at 7 and Madden and Lexi were thrilled! They were so excited. The funny things about these two they loved each others toys just as much as their own. Lexi loved opening presents and was ripping them open so fast. Then she helped everyone else open. She got a kitchen, a new baby, food, dishes, clothes, a little people castle, bracelets, a mini tramp and animals and more. She was so excited and loved everything!! After breakfast all my brothers and sisters and their families (minus Jake and Wendy who we missed!) met at my parents ward for their Christmas sacrament program.  We then headed to my parents got back into our Christmas jammies had a fabulous dinner and opened more gifts. My parents gave Lexi and new strider bike and doll. She loves her bike. She can't quite reach the ground but ask us to take her own rides daily. They also spoiled Tip and I as always. We then just hung out all day. It was nice to not have to travel and just enjoy the holiday. Kids definitely make holidays way more fun. Lexi had a blast and enjoyed every minute of it. She loved spotting Santa and saying HOHO. She loves being with her cousins and we barely see her when we are all together. As you can see from the many, many pictures that Tipper got me a new camera! I love it!

 When we got home from up North and got Lexi's presents out it was like Christmas all over again. She loved it!!

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The Hanson Family said...

Looks like you guys had a fun Christmas! Very cute pics, I'm glad you got a new camera.