Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Camping!

McCord is the Ultimate Four-wheeler!! He loves any machine!!!

Matt and Jadi had so much fun together!!
Zach, Ashlee, and Dad in and intense game of washers

The whole crew minus Linzy (she was photographer)

Hanging out on the big rock!

Matt, McCord, Jadi, and Ella. (Sophie in the background, she didn't want to sit)

Ella Striking her pose!

The kids loved riding!! Both Jadi and Matt drove the fourwheelers!

McCord with his helmet and gloves!!

The girls by the fire! (Linz, Mom, Wendy, Me- Jami wouldn't get in the picture.)

Every Easter my family goes camping/fourwheeling down in the DaBinki. Its awesome!! This year was even more fun because Jake and Wendy and their kids made the long trip from Idaho to come. Kelly, Ashlee, and Kolton also joined us!! We had a blast even though the weather was not so pretty on Saturday. We even got stuck driving back on the machines in a hale storm. Driving a fourwheeler in hale feels like you are being shot at with a BB gun all over! By the time we made it back to camp we were all soaking wet!!! But even with the bad weather the trip was so fun and relaxing. We played several games of screwy lewy, ate, played washers, ate, and sat around the camp fire and did I mention we ate?? Thanks Mom and Dad for a great trip!! Love Ya!!


jami said...

I love your pics of the kids! I look NASTY!

kars and linz said...

that was seriously a fun trip even if we had to leave early!

The Conders said...

Sounds like fun! My family plays washers too! Pretty intense. Glad you had fun!